EEC in Focus: from state farms to blockhouse apartments – Workshop

Time: May 13 (Wednesday) 12.00-16.00
Venue: University of Debrecen, Main Building, Institute of English and American Studies, Reading Room
Preliminary programme:
12.00-13.20 Ewa Mazierska’ presentation: ʻRepresentation of Slow Violence in the Fims about State Farms’.
13.20-13.50: Screening The Legend of the Air Sellers (Legenda Vânzătorilor de Aer) episode 5 of Romanian omnibus film Tales from the Golden Age (Amintiri din epoca de aur, 2009).
14.00-15.00: Discussion of Zsolt Győri’s article ʻConcrete Utopias: Discourses of Domestic Space in Central Eastern European Cinema’ (article distributed via email).
15.00-16.00: Open discussion on the afterlife of ideologised places in contemporary EEC

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